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        Depending on your computer's screen size, you may have noticed that our website pages are too large to be viewed in their entirety on your computer's monitor. This is because our website pages are designed to be viewed at full size (100%) with your monitor's display settings at 1920 X 1080 pixels. 

If you have this issue, don't worry, you can still see all of the page, just use the instructions below to readjust the size of your screen.

Viewing Tip

Any Mac users, please send us a comment on the comment page and let us know the method you use to accomplish the page resize, and we'll add your tip to this page. 

​Firefox looks like this: 

Edge looks like this: 

Method 2.  If you are using a PC, hold down the ctrl key, then press either the minus or plus sign to resize the screen. 

Click on this symbol in your toolbar. In the list that drops down, use the zoom feature to resize the page. 

To adjust the screen size, use one of these two methods: 

Method 1.   Look in the upper right corner of your screen in your browser's tool bar and find and click on one of these symbols depending on which browser you use:

Chrome will look like this:

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