"Distant Memory"

Dark Night of the Soul
Heart to Hands

"Hope Endures"

"Far and Away"

Philip Wesley

Philip Wesley has been a featured artist on Real Piano Music.com since October 22, 2017.

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In A Lifetime

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"Haunted Past"

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Finding Solace

"Dark Night of the Soul"

Beyond Cloud Nine

"Love Remembered"

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Comfort and Joy

​       ​Philip Wesley is an award winning solo piano artist. His music has been featured in radio, TV, film and print and can be found on many of today’s most popular platforms including Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. His music is popular in the ‘New Age’ genre and has reached #1 on the iTunes charts, The Top 100 on Amazon, #1 on Amazon New Age Music, Best Seller at CD Baby, and #12 on the Billboard Charts (New Age Catalog Chart) sharing company with other well known performers The Piano Guys and Jim Brickman.  Music reviewer ‘Reviews New Age’ recently hailed Philip’s immensely popular album ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ as one of the “50 Greatest New Age Albums of All Time.”

Hope Endures

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