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"Begin Again" (Taylor Swift)

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"Kelsey played at our wedding....and the result was music that melted hearts....I’m totally confident that she can master any musical piece she takes on, delivering it with power and beauty.”

        Kelsey Lee Cate is an exceptional talent. It is rare to find such depth and full musical range in a young artist.....but Kelsey has it all. Her talent was obviously born at a very young age. She plays with the poise, confidence and ability of an artist with three times her experience in years. Kelsey will only achieve great things with music. It is an honor to welcome Kelsey to the Artist Gallery!


Kelsey Lee Cate has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since April 24, 2016.

-- Ryan G

"O Come, O Come Emmanuel"

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"When You Wish Upon a Star" (Leigh Harline)

Kelsey Lee Cate

"La Vie en Rose" (Edith Piaf)


        Kelsey Lee Cate was born in Kirkland, Washington in July of 1991. Intrigued by music at a very young age, she would sit on the floor with her miniature Casio keyboard, lower the tempo on the pre-recorded track, and play along with her own little melodies. This began a journey of love with piano that has continued to blossom from that seed planted years ago. Growing up, she took classical music lessons from instructors who encouraged her to foster discipline and creativity, and to push the limits of what she thought she could accomplish. Here, she learned valuable practice skills, the importance of technicality, and vital nuances of artistic expression.
        Kelsey later carried these skills into her personal experience with improvisation, oftentimes wandering through a self-created musical landscape, always motivated to discover new melodies and chord progressions. Over the years, Kelsey has drawn inspiration from artists in several genres, from new-age and Celtic, to jazz, gospel and pop.
        Kelsey has performed professionally since her early teens as a piano soloist, vocalist and collaborative artist. Playing the piano in church has helped Kelsey learn to perform with other musicians, refine her skills, and foster an even greater love for improvisational piano. She brings striking texture to her playing, incorporating many of the musical elements that influenced her early musical development.
        As a composer and pianist, Kelsey enjoys sharing her works with audiences, conveying stories and emotions through her music. She delights in taking listeners on a journey as she explores the heart and soul of each song she performs. Kelsey takes joy in sharing uplifting music as well as supporting other artists who also wish to share their work with other music lovers. To Kelsey, being involved in the process and celebration of making music is one of the best and most rewarding endeavors to pursue.
        Kelsey currently performs at various venues in the greater Seattle area, including Bellevue Square Mall, SkyCity Restaurant at the Space Needle, and Canlis. She will be one of the ten pianists involved in Michael Allen Harrison’s Ten Grands event at Benaroya Hall in May of 2016.

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