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​Lera Auerbach

GetClassical Salon June 9th, 2013

Nick Canellakis, Michael Brown and Roman Rabinovich

Asi Mathatais and Dominic Cheli with a special guest-appearance of Vassily Primakov and Ben Kapps

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Sandro Russo

Vassily Primakov & Natalia Lavrova

Alexandre Moutouzkine with Special Guest Sherry Kim

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        Ilona is a true music lover....a musical warrior working in the trenches to create new avenues for fan and artist to come together. Ilona has earned respect and admiration for her work in the New York music scene to create a new kind of intimate artist/fan concert experience. We share a common vision with Ilona in her desire to bring artists and fans closer. We create Artist Gallery pages to give fans an up close and personal  web experience with their musical heroes--while Ilona has gone even further to create intimate salon concerts where artist and fan can mingle before and after a performance with no stage barrier. We salute Ilona Oltuski....a true piano lover dedicated to making a difference! Bravo!

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Ilona Oltuski​

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Ilona Oltuski has been a contributor for RealPianoMusic.com since February 9, 2015.

by Ilona Oltuski

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        Ilona Oltuski is the founder and webmaster of GetClassical.org, a website she created to "provide a platform for conversation among readers, performers and music lovers.....and to promote artistic variation in the New York scene. She says, "I'm reinventing my creative side by writing about my diverse encounters in the world of music, about inspiration and artistic expression, and the very human side of these endeavors, reaching right under the musician's and my skin - that's my shtick." 
        GetClassical events soon followed to further share classical music's presence within the New York cultural- and nightlife scene.  Putting on performances by young and accomplished performers in non-traditional venues like GetClassical's monthly series at Zinc Bar and public salon events at India House, the Louis Meisel Gallery and other selected event spaces, GetClassical continuously celebrates artistic talent in a highly personalized fashion and helps new audiences to discover classical music's genius in a leisurely, intimate setting. 
        Each event is tailored to the performing artist and provides the artist with a recording, broadcast on public radio (WWFM) and additional promotional material in a true collaborative effort. GetClassical and its performers reach out to its enthusiastic audiences, to create a supportive network to help sustain these artists' performances.
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