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David Gomez has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since Oct 28, 2014.  

The Artist Gallery.com

David Gomez has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since Oct 28, 2014.  

1 & 200

-- Eddie Stoudt, Contributor

        "....the notes on the piano seem to skip along.... youthfulness, innocence, playfulness, and child-like spirit come to mind when I think of how to describe David's music. Refreshing just came to mind too!"

-- Richard Waterman, Editor

The Artist Gallery.com

In addition to creating beautiful music, David also has his own product line of music-related merchandise and a private piano performance service. His company is called 1 & 200. The name is a reflection of the fact that the piano at his concerts is surrounded with 200 candles. The name also refers to  "1 dinner and 200 candles," a service David provides for couples on romantic dinner dates, providing dinner and live intimate piano.  For more information, click on David's links to the left. 

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        "We discovered David's beautiful music with his song and video "Sixteen Years Old." We loved the soft, pensive piano against the dream-like visuals...the piano performance in the old building....a little girl riding by on her bicycle. David's music is uniquely romantic and with a sense of quiet reflection."

'The Island' is David's debut recording as a composer, inspired by the somewhat solitary life he experiences as a pianist; the loneliness and lack of companionship when traveling to perform in far-off countries, the isolation felt by the many hours of daily practice and the distance felt when away from his family. David is very typically Spanish in terms of kinship, and his family plays a huge part in his life. He is a romantic and his compositions are an expression of his dreams and the stories he creates. 

       "Unlike many other piano virtuoso's, Gomez shuns dramatic mannerisms at the keyboard, while calmly allowing his music to weave a poetic spell. He believes that music is not just a sequence of melodic sounds but must tell a story and as a musical storyteller, there may be few if any that are his equal."  ---David Gellman...The Star, Malaysia

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"Si, Madre"


"The Lighthouse"

"Sixteen Years Old"

Born in 1974, David Gomez was introduced to music by Marta Christel at a very early age. He continued his musical education with Professor Emilio Muriscot and Claudie Desmeules (Professor at Geneva Conservatory), having also completed his skills with the pianist Michael Davidson at the Conservatory of Rotterdam (Netherlands). He has followed several specialization courses with some other prestigious pianists such as Roberto Bravo, Walter Hauzig, Ramon Coll, etc...

        He gave his first concert at the age of 14, and since then he has performed in many other recitals as a soloist and as a chamber musician, performing with the Young Symphonic Orchestra of the Balearic Islands. His remarkable rendition of 'the Integral of W.A. Mozart's Sonatas for Piano' is to be highlighted as well as many other successful appearances at international festivals. For this year he will play the complete Mozart Sonatas in Salamanca, Madrid, Athens, etc...

       A few years ago he recorded his first album called 'A. Piazzolla. Tangos para Piano,' which was presented successfully in the European capitals. His performances have gained international recognition. This Spanish pianist has played in legendary theatres such as Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, National Concert Hall in Dublin, St Martin in The Fields in London, Cairo Opera House, Concertgebouw de Doelen in Rotterdam, Chicago Cultural Center, Pushkin Museum in Moscow, etc...

       He has also played in other countries such as Denmark, Germany, Phillippines, Thailand, India, Singapore, Jordan, Arab Emirates, Israel, Syria, Indonesia, Mexico, USA, Nicaragua, Honduras, Chile, Paraguay, Slovakya, etc.  On invitation of the President of Honduras he offered a recital in the Presidential House. Last June he performed in the important International Piano Festival "En blanco y Negro" in Mexico DF, representing Spain. 

​        Mr. Gomez has received awards in several national and international contests: First prize at II Piano Contest at Miquel Ballester I Serra, Second prize at the V International Piano contest 'Pio Tur'   and at the National contest at 'Antoni Torrandell,'  Finalist at the 'Doelen Competition' in the Netherlands, etc...


David Gomez