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David Escher has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since November 1, 2014. 

David's Featured Videos

David's Featured Videos

The Artist Gallery.com

David Escher has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since November 1, 2014. 

David's Links

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"


"Moon River"

"Amazing Grace"

"Autumn Leaves"

"Highland Grace"

"What a Wonderful World"

--  Eddie Stoudt, Contributor, The Artist Gallery.com

        "There is definitely a strong connection between this song and music in a motion picture. I think of motion and I feel very strong movement when I listen to 'Highland Grace.' I can picture ever changing panoramic views of highlands or mountains as David's music plays. The spirit of adventure and discovery is associated with highlands and mountains and that same spirit comes through in this finely crafted piano and violin musical piece. 'Highland Grace' would be the perfect title for the movie. This is also a perfect musical piece to match with ever changing scenes in a motion picture's 'coming attractions.' "

-- Richard Waterman, Editor The Artist Gallery.com

        We discovered David through his YouTube channel, initially finding his smooth as silk jazz rendition of "Autumn Leaves." We then proceeded to uncover a veritable goldmine of jazz talent with dozens of  videos showcasing this great artist's music. Here is our recent Facebook Fan Page post regarding David's amazing composition "Highland Grace".....

​        ....."here is a beautiful composition entitled "Highland Grace" by talented artist David Escher. This lovely song features an amazing string solo by David's brother, Beat Escher, and spot on key board work by David. This is great stuff and would make the perfect music for an epic movie. I truly enjoyed it.....quite certain you'll love it!"

David Escher was born in Switzerland in 1966. As a child, he was constantly surrounded by music, brought up in a family with a long and storied musical heritage. His father was a talented, passionate composer and symphony orchestra conductor in the classical field. David was also influenced by his brother, Beat Escher, who practiced relentlessly on the violin to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional musician. 

​        Inspired by these early classical music influences, Dave took cello lessons from age 9 to 15 (picture below).  As a teenager, he became increasingly interested in jazz, rock, and pop music. His interest eventually migrated to the drums and he studied at the Agostini Drum School with an eye on becoming a professional drum teacher. He also studied psychology at the University of Bern. 

​        At the late age of 37, David decided to start playing the piano. Completely self taught, his main focus has been learning to play jazz piano ballads. 

He also likes many other styles including rock, pop, soul, funk, gospel, Latin.....and especially classical music. 

​         Today, David has fully developed as a piano prodigy in the short ten years he has been playing. He dazzles audiences on his YouTube channel with beautiful jazz renditions of classic favorites, such as "Autumn Leaves," "What a Wonderful World,"  "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and countless others.


David Escher