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        Christine Brown has been honored with the 2014 Whisperings Solo Piano Radio Album of the Year Award for her album "Souvenirs." Whisperings Solo Piano Radio features over 274 pianists from around the world, reaching over a million listeners a month. With over 100 CD submissions per year, only 6 were nominated and Christine was voted the winner by her peers-- other artists and composers. The award was presented at the end of the recent Whisperings All-Star Solo Piano Concert on January 25, 2014. The concert featured performances by top Whisperings pianists and the nominees. 

        We are also very proud to announce that Christine was recently endorsed as a Kawai Artist by Kawai Pianos, a very high honor given to a select group of artists.  

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"Amazing Grace"

Christine Brown has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since January 4, 2015. 

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Congratulations to Christine Brown!

2014 Whisperings Solo Piano Radio

Album of the Year for "Souvenirs!"

-- Richard Waterman, Editor The Artist Gallery.com

        Christine Brown was born in Frankfurt, Germany,  later moving with her family to the United States. Growing up around Denver, Colorado, she discovered her love for music at a very young age. During her school years, she began taking piano lessons and was an accompanist for various vocal groups. 

       Later, Christine entered the University of Colorado to study business. During this time, she continued to be inspired by music, especially the music of new age artists such as George Winston and Peter Kater, but still had not committed to study music or composition on a full time basis. 

         The loss of her mother in 1990 was a deeply emotional experience for Christine, moving her closer to music than ever before. Christine poured her emotions into the piano and this became her inspiration and her tribute to the mother she had so deeply loved. Christine never looked back; her music became her passion. 

       Christine began composing, using the piano to voice her emotions and experiences. She released moving and passionate compositions that captured the hearts and imaginations of listeners everywhere.

​        Today, Christine has developed into a world-class composer and pianist. Her style of playing has classical influence with a new age sensitivity that often evokes strong emotions. Her graceful, elegant touch is gentle, yet powerful. Christine says, "I am so grateful to be able to express myself musically, the piano being an emotional release, often an escape. To move people with music and share it with others is truly rewarding."

​        Christine's earliest compositions were featured on two albums, "Piano Portraits" and "Summer Stories" by Sugo Records. Their success inspired her to record her own albums of original music. Christine continues to play and compose and has released several CDs of solo piano, as well as Christmas albums and popular collections of children's songs. 

​        Her music can be heard worldwide, featured on Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Muzak, Sugo Music, cable and satellite channels, Healing Healthcare Systems, and is also distributed by CD Baby, Amazon and most major download sites. 

       Christine resides in San Diego with her husband and two sons, who are a constant source of support and inspiration. 

        Christine Brown's music is vibrant, colorful and full of life.  Skilled at the art of blending chords and note progressions into beautiful aural tapestries, her music is at once a welcome retreat from the mundane and ordinary. Her emotions come through her music... and through her music, she is able to reach out and touch the hearts of millions of appreciative piano music fans. 

"Cashmere Clouds"

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"Silent Tears"

"A Sunset's Promise"


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