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        Welcome my friends, my name is Bill Whitfield, artistic pianist and composer living in Summerville,  SC.
Thank you very much for taking a moment to get to know my piano compositions and arrangements! My compositions are a true manifestation of some of my deepest reflective moods as generated by passionate life experiences. I feel very honored to walk the artist path and to have discovered my artistic voice at the piano along the way!

        Like most musicians, I began taking piano lessons at a young age, for me at 7 years of age, at the behest
of my parents . I plodded along quite methodically, achieving awards and local recognition. But at age 13, my piano teacher noticed that I had the ability to play virtually any piece.....perfectly, note for note....without the use of any sheet music!
        It was as if I heard it all and simply gave it back to the audience! Well, needless to say, this newly discovered talent suddenly made me quite popular on the local scene! I began playing along with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra and entertained at political receptions and galas galore!
        Fortunately, I never faced the financial pressures of "making it" in the music industry as I pursued careers 
in real estate and as a college professor of business and economics. I still played piano as a hobby on the local scene, but I never really gave much thought to pursuing a professional interest until 2011. It was at that time that I began recording some of my Christmas music collection. My first actual recording,"Christmas Solitude," was released in 2012 and the response to my music was overwhelming! It inspired me so much that I began composing my own original piano compositions! These were compilations of very special melodies that magically came upon me as I reflected upon the 
beauties of nature and the spiritual aspects of this enchanted life!
                 Now, 6 Cds and some 80 original compositions later, I find myself most humbly surprised and rewarded,
knowing that my melodies are bringing peace and serenity to the hearts of those who listen!  I set out upon this wonderful journey with the goal of blessing my listeners with these magical moments of melodic reflection! I am forever grateful to all who have helped me to achieve my goal of blessing others and I'm looking forward to playing and composing new melodies as they are placed  upon my heart!
                 Thank you my Friends; I hope that my piano compositions will bless you and bring many hours of
peace and serenity to you as you walk along life's way!

Blessings to You, my Friends!


Bill Whitfield

-- Richard Waterman, Editor The Artist Gallery.com

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"Never Forgotten"

Bill Whitfield has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since September 19, 2016.

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       Bill Whitfield is a truly gifted artist. We enjoy and appreciate his contemplative, deeply reflective music. Each of Bill's compositions tells its own special musical story. Listening to Bill's music, you feel yourself drifting to a beautiful place.... like a secret garden. You can experience his deep reflection and sense of honor and respect in his beautiful performance of "Schindler's List." We are honored to welcome Bill Whitfield to the Artist Gallery. 

Bill's Featured Videos