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Anne Trenning has been a featured artist on The Artist Gallery.com since February 25, 2016

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        Anne Trenning is a genuine talent in the piano world. Her easy going, naturally flowing style is exemplified by her signature pieces, "The Welcome Song," which was nominated for an HMMA Award, and "A Prayer for the World." We truly enjoy  Anne's beautiful music and we are honored to welcome Anne Trenning, a true piano artist, to the Artist Gallery. 

        Anne Trenning is a composer and pianist releasing her fourth recording of original compositions. This time she goes it alone, performing solo. “The Sunflower Waltz” is a stunning collection of solo piano melodies crafted on one of the world’s finest pianos, the Shigeru Kawai. Envisioned and recorded at Piano Haven Studio, this superb compilation highlights the power of a singular instrument to evoke a spectrum of emotions. Lively and upbeat, thoughtful and meditative, the music presents a wealth of melodic character and nuance. The majority of the selections are in the 3:00 minute range, accounting for a lively yet diverse repertoire.
        Anne’s background in music stems from a lifelong studious pursuit of the piano. While other instruments were incorporated into her musical education, the piano always rated as her most expressive medium. Years of classical studies shaped and molded her songwriting perspective, as did choral work exposure, but pop and folk music stylings are certainly most present within this new work. “The resolve to tonic is entwined in my songwriting so greatly, that try as I may, it is always my final landing position. I love simple chord progressions that are uplifted by melodic straightforwardness. My music reflects what is most central in my own world…the pursuit of simple elegance and genuine emotion.”
        Anne’s fourth recording, “The Sunflower Waltz” is a standout in her recording career. While former projects have lent themselves to her passion for orchestration and blended harmonies, this newest effort represents her capacity for direct connection with just the keyboard. Aptly titled, it presents a slew of stylings forged on the perspective of tenacity. “Adaptability, beauty, and determination are all characteristics of the sunflower. Sunflowers follow the direction of the sun where it leads, and offer a metaphorical optimism of strength in their powerful glory. Their resilience is unparalleled. Today, more so than ever, we must strive as this powerful flora to root ourselves and persevere.”
        This 16 song collection offers a wonderful addition to your musical library. All 16 pieces are also presented in sheet music format, and are available for download on the music page.

        “The Sunflower Waltz” is a greatest hits collection recorded on one of the world’s most finely crafted instruments. “The Shigeru Kawai piano is simply a gift to all pianists, a hallmark of excellence personified within a keyboard. Recording on this piano allowed me to express these compositions with melodic finesse in their most articulate form.” This delightful addition to a growing discography of unique, musical accomplishment ranks as a true standout production in the field of contemporary instrumental piano recordings.

Anne Trenning

“The music of Anne Trenning is filled with such emotional experiences that it arouses an immediate response from the listener. It touches the soul very deeply and goes to the true essence of the human being.”  — Serge Kozlovsky


-- Richard Waterman, Editor The Artist Gallery.com

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