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        On the home page, you can click on any artist's thumbnail picture to go directly to the artist's page. In the navigation menu above, you will find a drop down list of artists. Clicking directly on the "Artist Index" in the navigation menu will take you to the alphabetical index of artists.

Performance Archives

        The performance archives is a collection of the featured artists and music that we have featured on our home page on any given date.  Just click on the date you wish to review and you'll never miss a performance.  

        Artist Gallery fans or prospective new artists may contact us using our Contact Page. We invite your comments, suggestions, questions, and referrals of new artists. The Artist Gallery.com and RealPianoMusic.com were created by and are currently managed by Richard Waterman.

How do I join The Artist Gallery?
        Contact  us to express your interest in joining the Artist Gallery by using the Contact Page. That's all there is to it.   We do not publish unauthorized pages. Each Artist Gallery page has been published with the permission of the artist. 

What is The Artist Gallery?
       The Artist Gallery is a community of amateur  and professional artists from around the world with a common passion-- to share their gifts and talents with others.  Each artist on our website is presented on an individual "Artist Gallery" page where you find the artist's biography, photos, videos, music, pictures, albums, external links, etc.

        On our Facebook Fan Page,  join the commentary regarding our featured artists. You can also originate new posts to introduce new artists. Both artists and fans are invited to post......everyone is welcome! 

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